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A South Asian children’s book written by the Indo-American sibling team of Ravi Sharma and Nicole Jain, titled “Our Mom, Our Superhero: A Mental Health Journey,” has been published by OOTify, a innovative mental health powered by technology and intelligence content.
The book, which focuses on siblings coming together as families to improve their mother’s mental health, aims to help de-stigmatize mental health issues.
“This beautifully written and illustrated book helps dispel myths, bring understanding, remove stigma and shame, give children language to deal with their emotions and learn to ask for help,” said Yolie Flores, National Director of Parent Nation and Los Angeles Alumnus. Member of the school district council. “This timely book should be in every child’s library at home, at school, or at the library.”
Now available on Amazon, the book is based on a true story and makes a great and important conversation piece for adults to discuss mental health with their children aged 6 to 12, the statement noted. It exemplifies the importance of mental health to physical well-being and is backed by a strong clinical mental health team and the backing of former NBA champion and mental health advocate Metta World Peace.
OOTify (“lift up” in Hindi) is a HIPAA-compliant technology and content platform where members can connect with mental health resources including providers and coaches through video, audio, and text. Members aren’t locked into any subscription fees, so they have the ability to pay as they go and access therapy, coaching, and various sub-clinical resources whenever and however they are needed.
This brother sister duo is well qualified and extremely passionate about this topical subject of mental health.
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